Our Process

Our Process - Creative Decks

Your home and yard are unique, as is your vision for how you would like your property to look. Functionality, appearance, choice of materials and budget all play roles in the planning process, and the experts at Creative Decks & Landscaping will work with you to design your ideal living environment.


Our process begins with a visit to your home to personally assess the site and see your vision with you. We’ll bring an array of photos to assist in the brainstorming process. You can scan various deck designs, pergolas, fences, patios, gazebos and other landscape elements that might be appropriate for the scope of project you have in mind.

Choice of building materials is an important aspect of your project, and we’ll take the time to explain the benefits and characteristics of every option.


Following the planning meeting, we will take your ideas and wish list back to our office to create a professional design and competitively priced estimate. We design structures that complement their surroundings as well as being practical and functional.

Our free, no-obligation estimate provides you with the information you need to make an informed decision. We put real dollars and cents to your design and ensure there are no surprises with any aspect of your project.

We understand how making a sizeable investment in your home requires a level of trust. That’s why we treat every project as if it were our own.


Our teams have the expertise to bring any project from paper to reality. We communicate time schedules and follow safe, established construction practices that result in a completed project you will enjoy for years to come.