Decks can be an enjoyable outdoor extension to the living space of a home when done right. The team at Creative Decks & Gazebos has the expertise to ask the right questions and make the appropriate recommendations to maximize your investment.

Our team will analyze your property so we can take topography, landscaping and other factors into consideration when creating your deck design. The last thing you want as a homeowner is to create wasted space that turns into a negative experience.

Part of our job as decking professionals is to provide information that helps you make the best decision. Some of the variables we will discuss with you will include:

  • Shading (natural or created)
  • Site characteristics
  • Weight requirements
  • Decking material choices
  • Color
  • Budget

Cedar Decks

Cedar decks offer an aesthetically pleasing look to the outside of any home. Creative Decks & Gazebos uses only Western Red Cedar for its cedar decks because of its superior long-term characteristics. Western Red Cedar is lightweight and resistant to rot, decay and insect attacks, producing a longer lifespan with less maintenance than white cedar decking.

Western Red Cedar is a non-toxic alternative to chemically treated wood products. Its naturally occurring oils serve as a preservative, avoiding the need for warning labels required on treated wood featuring dangerous chemical preservatives.

Trex Composite

Creative Decks & Gazebos is your source for high-quality composite decking from Trex®. Trex is an industry leader in the composite deck category with a selection of low-maintenance, eco-friendly products made of 95% recycled materials.

Pool Decks

Properly designed pool decks provide a place for the whole family to gather regardless of whether or not they actually get in the pool or spa. The design experts at Creative Decks & Gazebos ensures your pool deck will have the proper load capacity to handle weights inherent with hot tubs and supported pools.

Hot Tub Decks

Hot tubs and pools have their own specific design requirements when it comes to access for maintenance purposes and weight support. Our expertise will ensure a safe design with minimal exposure to the harmful effects of the elements. We’ll even provide shelter options in the form of shade in the summer or wind blocks in the winter.

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